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Who knew flying around in a harness burned so many calories? We did! That's why we have worked tirelessly to be the first one-of-a-kind bungee fitness experience. Bungee fitness is resistance training at its finest. The unique mounting design of the bungees can decrease the impact on major joints, allowing for motion that might not be achieved in traditional exercise programs. This class is high intensity, low impact, and fun!


All members are required to start in level 1. Here, you'll learn safety in a harness and the basics of bungee, including burpees and flys, as well as cardio movements and squats. Typically, we recommend between one and five level 1 classes. 


You'll then move on to Level 2, where you'll learn more challenging burpees, flys, cardio moves, and squat/lunge variations. 


Level 3 is even more advanced, with challenging combos and directional challenges! We suggest five to ten Level 2 classes before moving to Level 3. Level 4 sessions require approval to join, as it is a very intense class. 

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